Verified Consumer financial data for digital media campaigns

Rubiix users share their purchasing data in our social community. Brands distribute rewards back to the community via smart contracts.

Rubiix works now.

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Our partners

Great partners make great products. Rubiix is joined by leaders in the field of blockchain, machine learning, digital media, banking, payments and international law.

Collateral Data
Staking with RBX

RBX is a data-staking token that provides special benefits and enhanced rewards to its holders. The longer you stake RBX, the greater its utility.

Rubiix, On-Chain.​

During the Rubiix Token Generation Event, a limited number of users will be allowed to purchase RBX directly from within the Rubiix app.

The Rubiix Token

Brands purchase and deploy digital media campaigns using RBX. User activity is governed by the terms of a Brand-Consumer Smart Contract, which distributes RBX  according to each user’s activity within the community.

Financial Data Generation

RubiixLink integrates with more than 10,000 banks and financial institutions globally in order to understand each consumer’s spending data. This includes the merchant name and category, amount spent, geo-location and timestamp for each purchase.

“Smart Audience” Creation

Rubiix applies machine learning to create data models that suggest relevant audiences to brands. For example, Rubiix understands that people who shopped at Whole Foods in New York City three or more times per week are 66% more likely to purchase a gym membership in the next 90 days.

Targeted Campaign Deployed

After the audience is defined, a Brand-Consumer Smart Contract is created and Rubiix deploys a brand’s campaign to the target audience. Brands holding RBX have their campaigns deployed with priority status.

User Activity Recorded

Parameters of the smart contract include user activity inside of RubiixApp such as posting reviews and purchasing from RubiixStore. It also includes activity outside of the app such as credit card purchases at retail stores.

User Rewarded

Our community of data-providing consumers is rewarded. Users staking RBX are entitled to special privileges and additional benefits within the Rubiix ecosystem. The longer RBX is staked, the more useful it becomes.


2017 – Q1

Development of RubiixApp and RubiixLink

2017 – Q2

2017 – Q3

RubiixPay micropayments technology launched

2017 – Q4

RubiixStore launched via integration with Amazon


2018 – Q1

RubiixGuard cybersecurity and anti-fraud system deployed

2018 – Q2

Development of Brand & Consumer Smart Contracts begins

2018 – Q3

Launch of Rubiix On-Chain, a limited supply of RBX available for purchase within the Rubiix app

2018 – Q4

The Rubiix Token Crowdsale!


2019 – Q1

Launch of integrated Blockchain Technology,RBX, and Brand-Consumer Smart Contracts

2019 – Q2

Initial expansion of our existing US community to international markets

2019 – Q3

Launch of RubiixDash, Rubiix<ML>, and expansion of direct partnerships with brands

2019 – Q4

Preparation for 2020 Global Expansion!

The Rubiix Team

Oren Berdichevsky
Co-Founder & CEO

Previously founded Sekindo, a digital media company acquired by Universal McCann.

Michael Lachar
Co-Founder & CPO

Product specialist who has designed and built multiple consumer-facing tech platforms.

Tomer Avni
CTO & Blockchain Architect

10+ Years in server, client and mobile apps in Android, Swift, React, Node, and Ethereum.​

Anton Pavlov
Blockchain Team Leader

14+ Years as a full stack. Ethereum Smart
Contracts and micropayments leader for Rubiix.

Miki Berdichevsky
Blockchain & Data Engineer

10+ Years in Big Data engineering. Built the smart contract infrastructure for the StartApp ICO.

Alan Genos
iOS Developer

13+ Years in development and 7+ in iOS. Enjoys creating killer UX/UI for Rubiix on your iPhone.

Daniel Ben Shimon
Senior Developer

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Attorney. Legal and ethical specialist in emerging technologies.

Eli Shulga
Android Developer

Bringing Rubiix to life on Android with a focus
on user interface design and user experience.

Roy Eyal
Frontend Developer

12+ Years in development. Creates gorgeous and functional web interfaces for Rubiix.

Karina Chocron
Visual Designer

Award-winning UX/UI designer in responsive,
web & mobilem and front-end developer.

Estefania Pessoa
Marketing Manager

Extensive experience in social media management. Producer, creative copywriter and blogger.

Suni Kim
Investor Relations

10+ Years in Investor Relations and Finance, specializing in Japan and Hong Kong.

Kevin Zhang
Marketing Manager

Marketing and business development specialist, supporting growth for Rubiix in China.

Kyung Hong
Marketing Manager

Specialist in supporting corporate marketing efforts, focusing on growth for Rubiix in Korea.

Shlomit Mantinband
Director of Digital Strategy

Extensive experience in deploying full-scale digital campaigns across multiple media channels

Sadiq Sing
Marketing Manager

Marketing and business development specialist, supporting growth for Rubiix in India.

Joe Davies
Community Director

Specializes in building and supporting the The Rubiix Community across multiple channels

Investors & Advisors

Owner and Founder of Hershman Holdings, LP at Signet Ventures, Crypto Investor.

Released on Sept 1st!
Chief Revenue Officer

This advisor going to be released on September 1st

Jon Batiste
Musician, Investor & Innovator

Celebrity band leader of CBS Late Show,
NBA All Star Game, Grammy's, Chase Bank.

Watch Jon's Chase Bank TV Commercial!

Joe Ontman
Founder, AcuityAds

Programmatic advertising platform & DSP traded on Canada's TSXV stock exchange.

Celebrating $58 Million in Annual Revenue!

Greg Tavalsky
Vice President, IBM Digital

Managing a revenue budget of $1.3 Billion within IBM's Digital Business Group.

Celebrating 15 Years at IBM!

Released on Sept 1st!
Chief Revenue Officer

This advisor going to be released on September 1st

Thomas Spangler
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain and crypto enthusiast. Designer and architect of The Rubiix TGE platform and portal.

Charles Wismer
Lead Strategist

Co-Founder of Deedcoin and Ledger Leap.
TGE strategist and tokenomics leader for Rubiix.

Matthew Herrick
Investor Relations

Co-Founder of Deedcoin and Ledger Leap.
Head of Investor Relations for Rubiix.

The RBX Token Generation Event

KYC&AML Opens Sept 1.

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